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Your toy library is a gem! The wide selection caters to all ages and interests, ensuring every child finds something engaging. The toys are well-maintained, safe, and clean, reflecting your commitment to quality and hygiene. It's a fantastic resource for families, providing endless opportunities for play and learning. Thank you for enriching our community with such a wonderful facility!

Harshnayan Jain
Pune, MH
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An amazing place for all toys big and small! As a first time toddler mom, I would enthusiastically buy toys (sometimes bulky ones) which would be a favourite for a week and then just lay in the corner forgotten! Heavy on the heart and the pocket 😜 // The Toyrent Company has provided the perfect solution with well maintained, clean and reasonably priced toys. The communication is smooth and transparent making the whole process hassle free.

Gitanjali Bhandre
Pune, MH
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As a new mum, I would want to buy a whole bunch of toys for my little one to see her all excited and having fun which would last for few days and would only end up adding piles of stuff in the house aftr she's done playing with it for a week or so. With toy rent company I'm able to rotate toys and make it exciting for my little one every week or 2 without the clutter. Toy rent hs filled the gap and I personally recommend it to all my toddler mommy friends! Its a joy ride and I'm glad that I got to know about it.

Sheetal Gaikwad
Pune, MH
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When was searching for rental toys, this page came on my feed on Instagram and immediately booked small slide for my toddler, he love it. Again in rainy days booked slide, my kid loved it, good way to engage kids. The owner Samiksha is good person. Hope for more and more addition into you rent company.

Kiran Godse
Pune, MH
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My kids usually don't play with a toy for more than 2-3 weeks and it becomes very difficult to keep buying something new every 3 weeks, monetarily as well as space wise. The Toy Rent Company is the best thing to have ever happened because now my kids get to experience all the good and expensive toys at a very reasonable price and they have also learnt discipline. They now know that they have to maintain the toy properly in order to get a new one

Hitesh Budwani
Pune, MH

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    Benefits Of Renting

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      Enhances Child Development
      Playing with different toys regularly keeps children engaged and stimulated, supporting their cognitive development and fostering creativity.
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      Budget Friendly
      Renting is a budget friendly option. It allows parents to provide a variety of toys without the expense of purchasing each one. Renting is especially beneficial as children quickly outgrow toys or lose interest in them.
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      Clutter Free Playtime
      Renting toys helps in reducing clutter and managing limited storage space. Instead of collecting unused toys at home, you can rotate and return items, keeping your home organised and clutter free.
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      Eco-Friendly Solution
      By Renting toys you contribute to the reduction of toys related waste, especially plastic toys. This has an overall positive effect on the environment.

    How It Works

    Renting toys has never been easier, browse our catalogue, select your favourites and embark on a journey of unlimited playtime
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      Fill the sign up form

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      Browse through our collection and select the toy of your choice, check availability and delivery day according to the pin code.

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      Complete the payment process to confirm the booking

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      Let your little one enjoy the toys for the selected duration

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      Clean up the toy once your little one is done playing and pack it up for return

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    About Us

    At The Toy Rent Company, we are on a mission to make every childhood unforgettable. We believe in the power of play to inspire, educate, and bring joy to children and families.

    Our Vision
    Our vision is to inspire creativity, spark imagination, and foster learning through play. We envision a world where every child has access to high-quality toys that ignite joy and curiosity, empowering them to explore, discover, and grow.
    Our Values
    We are committed to providing toys of the highest quality, ensuring safety and durability for all children. We celebrate creativity and innovation, offering a diverse range of toys that inspire imaginative play.